What is Honor your essence?

I have been asked what exactly is honor your essence. What does it represent? And well I wanted to share that info here with everyone.

The title and tagline sum it up but I suppose only to an extent. Honor Your Essence means honoring you! Your authenticity and everything that makes up who you truly are. All that is true to you and what you feel represents and honors your soul or the very soul of you.  What uplifts you? Motivates you? Inspires you? Empowers you? What brings happiness to your life and makes you feel fulfilled?

Who does honor your essence hope to reach? It’s for anyone who need and/or want inspiration, motivation, empowering as well as those who enjoy motivating, inspiring and empowering others. It’s for those who want to connect with people who are on this amazing journey we call life and are growing through it. Not just going through it. It’s about aligning our humanity with the soul of who we truly are. It’s about being inspired to at least try to live a little more fearless and take chances and stepping outside of our comfort zone. Looking fear in the face and saying try me. And you keep doing that until you really do become fearless.

We are all on this magical journey of self-discovery and growth. Why not connect with others who are on the same path and empower each other and say hey, you can do it. We will do it together!

clarify your purpose
This sums it up pretty neat don’t you think?