Hello! Let me start by introducing myself to you my name is Margery Nolasco, (pronounced the same as (Marjorie) I love to write, meditate, read, cook, connect with and motivate and/or inspire everyone to live their authentic life. To honor who they are at the very core. Which brings me to why I started this blog. To me, honoring your essence is about connecting people who are on a journey to living their life more authentically, finding and living their truth. Connecting with others who understand we are all on a journey to self-discovery, learning and growing and we will forever be a work in progress as we continue to learn and grow. Honoring your essence is aligning your humanity with your spirit to begin to live a more authentic life. It’s connecting with people who honor us and inspire us. It’s about empowering ourselves and each other. With the understanding that we are all on our own distinct journey with our own experiences. Wanting to be better human beings at our own pace. Because let’s face it, we all learn and live our lives based on our own experiences and what we have learned along the way (and we continue to learn).

Here’s to us on this beautiful journey in life. Enjoy every moment of it!