What is Karma?

What is Karma aka karmic energy? Simply put, karmic energy is energetic vibrations that are tied to us via karma and of course, our energy. People believe because of their perception that very well known saying; (Pardon my french)”karma is a bitch”, well, in some ways they are right! Because karma can be a bitch, but it is in all ways tied to you.  It can be a bitch if you were or are, it is that basic premise that like energy would attract like energy. You can look at it this way, for a simplified explanation. Let’s take the rewards system for instance that we like to use with children, it’s like incentives. If our child does well we praise them, tell them we are proud of them & we might reward them where as if a child breaks a rule or does something we don’t approve of we take away a privilege, or ground them, (just please don’t take away the wifi!) Karma works in that way. With incentives! If you do good you have good karmic energy, however, for the not so good, you have that other karmic energy. The one we don’t like to face.

Karmic energy is not just from this particular life time. We are born with a very specific karmic energy which changes over time as we grow, learn, make choices and with those choices, sometimes mistakes, it is all part of our learning process in what I will call earth school. It is true that we are all souls on a human/earth journey. See, we carry with us not just the karmic energy from this life but a previous one which is ultimately going to be part of the lessons we are made to learn and the choices we will eventually have to make, it’s like taking a multiple choice test, you are asked a question, or assigned a task and you have options A, B & C. No option is wrong or right, however, each will somehow change the course of your learning and growing and will bring you a different lesson/ challenge.

Let’s say for instance, in your past life you were a man, not just a man but a womanizer, and because of this trait you hurt women, in your next or perhaps current life you will experience it on the receiving end, so you will be the female or male who is hurt countless times until you understand what these women felt. By the same token, now let’s say you were a very selfless, giving person, you may be rewarded with a beautiful life of travel and perhaps luxury. Karmic energy is simply a footprint of what we have done and what we left behind that will come back and reward us or teach us a lesson.

Akashic Records
Akashic records is what is known today as Karmic energy

Look at your soundings currently, look at your current life, look at your environment, the people around you, the choices you have made up until now. What is it teaching you about yourself? What is it telling you about who you are, where you want to be and what you can do to make it better? Are you giving enough? Are you honest? Loving? Compassionate? Kind? Selfless? These are the things we need to focus on to create a better karmic experience and live a more loving healthier fulfilling life.  Whether in this life, the next or another, we will face adversities, challenges and achieve great things. Learn beautiful lessons and continue on in this amazing journey until we have reached our own personal truth. The truth that is within the very soul of who we are. Not the human form we take on when we come to the earth school. On a human journey,

My suggestion? Do something every day that will bring you good karma and that does not have to be something extraordinary. It’s as simple as doing things that will honor the soul/essence of you. Do something every day that you love, that brings you joy and if that means being kind to someone, do that. If that means you like to lay in bed a bit longer to just say thank you, do that! If its reading, if its working more. Whatever it is that brings you joy do it! And why not be kind and compassionate to your fellow souls on their own journey?

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