The incredibly easy way to find your purpose

Since the beginning of time everyone wants to know, what their purpose is, their calling, their reason.

To find that, you have to let go of the ego and start listening to your soul, your spirit. The problem is, we don’t know how to do that. Your soul is your compass, your guide, it speaks to you by way of intuition or as it is very commonly known.  (That gut feeling).

If we allowed ourselves to live more from a soul perspective, we would undoubtedly be more fulfilled. Our soul guides us in magnificent ways. We choose at times to not listen or we have been on auto pilot so long with our everyday routines that we find it difficult to listen. Or “tune in”.

To gain a better understanding of how our soul speaks to us via intuition, I will give you an example.


The voice in our head tells us to take this route, or go in one direction, we go a different direction, take the opposite path. And something goes wrong. When it goes wrong we say “I knew it, something told me to go the other way”


That is the voice of our soul/intuition. Guiding us. And we chose to go against it. If we listen more closely and follow our inner compass, our inner guide. It will lead you to your path. It’s called honoring your soul, your intuition and you will be honoring yourself, learning yourself truly. Because you are the very soul of you and your soul is you. Not the flesh and bone you inhabit

Doesn’t this say it all?


Take a moment to sit quietly or lay quietly just breathing. Take a deep breath and release it. Do that for at least 5 minutes every day. And you will see how refreshed, replenished, you feel. The mental clarity you gain and how your life slowly begins to change because now you’re beginning to tune in to that inner voice.

What is it telling you?


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